Happy Easter plate project kit


This kit contains one 'bubble plate' plus all the equipment and instructions needed to create this colourful Easter egg design. Learn new techniques using wax resist and our special 'cracking' paint to give the effect of the eggs hatching. 

You can choose your own colours to make your plate unique, simply pick 6 colours from the second photo (no need to choose white as you will get some anyway) and one colour from the third photo for the back & rim of the plate. Make a note of the numbers and when you reach the shopping cart screen there is an option add a comment, click there and list your colour choices. Because of the use of 'crackle' paints in this project the plate will not be safe to use with food, you can however skip this step if you wish to use the plate afterwards. 

This product will need to be returned to us after painting so it can be fired along with brushes, empty pots, instruction sheets & any unused paints. All paint pots, paints and brushes are on loan with these kits and must be returned so they can be washed and reused, any missing items will be charged for at £2 per kit. We don't like to add charges but we are a small business and everything costs, by returning your kits you are helping us keep our prices as low as possible.

Shipping time: 7 days

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